Filth is encroaching everywhere.  The saddest part is, it has infected the tree of Agartha.  Our very core.  Is there a way to rid something that is supposed to be pure of such a devastating and invasive plague?  So far, one branch is almost lost.  How many more will we have to lose before a larger plan of action is put into place?  Whatever your politics may be, most agree that this is a wholly and disturbing epidemic.  The Filth grows.  The Filth…is.  The Filth fills your head and turns people into the things of nightmares.  How many will fall?  Probably many more.  The fact it is infesting Agartha means people who were complacent will now finally take notice.  It is part of US now.

This is a call to action.  Research, fight and destroy what is killing our homes, our families and our friends.  Fight the fight, do whatever you are best at and aid the effort.  If you are not a soldier, bake for them.  If you are not a warrior, make technology for them.  If you are not a scientist?  Fund them.



Wynn Gwynn is an Illustrator, Editor and Writer of Tuppenny Dreadful, a media company in Darkside of Ealdwic London- Shades District.