For many centuries the middle east has been the heart of culture and science, stretching back to ancient Mesopotamia long before the birth of Christ. But now in the 21st Century this land of Antiquity sees only war. From extremism and the brutalization of local religions such as Islam, Judaism, Christianity as well as The Marya and The Cult of Aten.
     In Egypt scorching sands the Once beautiful City of al-Merayah now stands in disrepair as her ancient walls are besieged by a brutal war of ideologies and faith, The Cult of Aten a religious extremist Cult who worships Aten the Sun god. They see the people of The Marya as an affront to their radical beliefs and make every effort to take the city in a brutal barbaric fashion, claiming to want to offer the people there as sacrifices to their malevolent God from old Antiquity. The savagery encountered by the people of al-Merayah has displaced many from their homes, and has instigated a militia which, although doesn’t commit ritualistic murder, has been known to brutalize the citizenry of al-Merayah
      With this lack of stabilization and the inability for the local population to secure food and supplies without placing themselves in harm’s way in this conflict has left much of the city starving. Often having to rely on outside aid from travelers, such as myself who imparted a portion of my own rations to great appreciation.
Does al-Merayah deserve its fate for delving into its past unbidden, should we as outsiders offer assistance in a part of a war that is not ours?
-Atlas Hall : Middle East Consultant for Tuppenny Dreadful