Fellow Agartha travelers know how much more convenient traveling with Agartha Transit Authority is rather than a traditional airport or train station.  The only drawback currently is that the destinations are limited to certain parts of the world where as planes, trains, ships and cars can reach many more places than Agartha portals can at this current moment.

Well, rejoice Agartha travelers.  Soon there will be new portals available.  There is no estimated finish time on these vacant shells where portals will be, but we are assured that before too long there will be swirly pictures of a place to immediately jump to.  Shortcuts that were recently implemented to avoid having to go through 9 or more ‘speed chutes’ to get to your destination were well received and the Agartha Transit Authority is currently working on new ways to get people to where they want to go.

For those looking for a shorter way of travel, the lesser known ‘shortcuts’ could be revealed if readership deemed a need for it.  Submit a form in the “Submit” section of the site saying you’d like a guide on how to shortcut or bypass most of Agartha to get to your portal of desire and we will make a guide.



Wynn Gwynn is an Illustrator, Editor and Writer of Tuppenny Dreadful, a media company in Darkside of Ealdwic London- Shades District.