“With your light burn away all hateful things!”

“Don’t resist. Our bodies are unworthy of the majesty.”

“See how your radiance burns my skin. I am blessed!”

“I too feared Aten. So wrong, I was very wrong.”

“I give you my eyes, and I see! I see! It is beautiful!”

-An Aten Cultist Inspirational

Known for inspiring necromancers, as Aten is a part of the book of the dead, many flock to the religion’s strange mystic qualities.  Known as Atenism, this religion took hold in many parts of Egypt and you will still find followers in some of the smaller towns like al-Merayah today. We highly recommend you do not make direct contact unless you are trained or skilled in combat, as a warning.

Akhenaten popularized this religion and although most of it’s followers have died out, a devoted few still linger, kill and do the most peculiar things in it’s name.  Akhenaten, or the Black Pharaoh as he is sometimes known, is considered Aten’s avatar on Earth. Although he was born ‘godly’ just by being a Pharaoh, his followers believe his true ascension and power was gained from Aten.

The cultists that remain true followers are prioritizing the restoration of Akhenaten’s relics and religious temples so that he may rise again and lead them.  This causes for some very unusual cargo to be smuggled around the Egypt area.  The railway system is the most popular form, as other travel can be hazardous given the recent filth epidemic.


The cultists recruit as their numbers diminish. Mind wiping methods clear the person’s memory and soul and reduce them to one-track servants of Aten.  This is done to both the willing and unwilling and has been causing problems around al-Merayah in recent times.  When people are forced into this religion, they are held captive and made to listen to repeated teachings of Atenism until the religion takes hold.  This is actually similar to some sorts of torture that are still practiced today. This creates more ‘drones’ to follow the ‘master’ in their eyes.

How manifold it is, what thou hast made! They are hidden from the face (of man). O sole god, like whom there is no other! Thou didst create the world according to thy desire,Whilst thou wert alone: All men, cattle, and wild beasts, Whatever is on earth, going upon (its) feet, And what is on high, flying with its wings. -Hymn to Aten attributed to Akhenaten 


The new cultists are then conscripted to be idol runners, temple re-claimers and relic gatherers.  They are currently amassing a great deal of religious goods according to our sources who work in the transit system.  Trains get ‘lost’ for periods of time, filled to the brim with boxes and boxes of these Atenist treasures.  Shipping manifests get altered to camouflage their cargo.

Even if you do not believe that the Atenists could and will try to bring back the Black Pharaoh- Akhenaten, you should be concerned with the economical and cultural impact this is having on the residents of Egypt.  People are being taken from their homes, forced into a religion they did not want a part of and then cannot escape. These are -current- human rights violations.

If you see any strange activity or believe to know of any Atenist smuggled goods, please report these to local authorities so they can begin to work against the Atenist cults thriving in the area.


Wynn Gwynn is an Illustrator, Editor and Writer of Tuppenny Dreadful, a media company in Darkside of Ealdwic London- Shades District.