Illustrated by Wynn Gwynn

Surviving this Fall

Fall is in the air, for half of us.  Pumpkins, cider, those annoying lattes and coffees that all suburban housewives seem to love.  With fall comes some new and interesting situations though.  Not only to pumpkin patches attract us, they also attract some really halloween style bogymen.

Note the greenish wisp on the right of this picture


Will-o’-the-wisps are VERY common around Halloween time and even more so around pumpkin patches and scarecrows.  Normally not too harmless, they do have the legend of luring people to their death. Getting them lost in woods or swamps as a person tries to follow and catch up to these magical orbs.

Some say they are lost spirits, ghosts or other demonic entities that try and lure people to their demise.  One similar characteristic among people who researched the lore is that they will in fact trick people, or make them lost. Best case scenario if you come into contact with one of these is that they will lure you into a deep wood and make you lost until you either succumb to the elements or die to other causes. Either which is not good.

Notice that seemingly cute scarecrow off by the barn?


Scarecrows by themselves are nothing to be afraid of. Usually made of burlap, baling twine and straw, these man made creations pose no threat.  Well, since the fog rolled in scarecrows can actually be a menace these days too. Usually dormant, if you get to close you will find they will pull themselves off their crosses and either run at you with a shotgun or a chainsaw. This behavior is not only limited to New England, you will also find this happen in Romania as well.  Scarecrows are not the cute Wizard of Oz beings we are used to anymore. Care should be taken around pumpkin patches even though snatching a pumpkin might be a great way to decorate our front porch.


Wynn Gwynn is an Illustrator, Editor and Writer of Tuppenny Dreadful, a media company in Darkside of Ealdwic London- Shades District.