Well it has been a bit since my last blog. So many things happen to a man in this world that he finds it hard sometimes to just keep track of time. Regardless I have had some rather interesting things happen to me , and I did promise to write them down. So here goes.


For those who have followed my blogs, you might recall an investigation I was conducting of the Overlook motel. To often I had heard rumors of the place, and it was only a matter of time before I knew my investigations would include the location. I won’t delve to deeply into that experience as I have already put it to paper. Needless to say it was eye opening, and a bit frightening. Yeah even a big bad police officer gets scared. The experience changed me a bit, and I swore I would never return. But if any of you have ever met me, well you know I can’t let something like this go. So there I was in front of the door again.



I stood still for what seemed hours. I had a hard time moving, maybe a little because of the big “13” painted on the wall outside, maybe because of fear. Maybe because even then I still didn’t believe everything I had heard. I am not want to believe in hokey superstitions, but even I can believe it when it is so blatantly standing in front of me. And so what happened next, surprised even me. I simply turned the knob on the door , and entered. What next, will give me nightmares for a long time.



Walking through the door was a surreal experience in and of itself.  Yet not as jarring, as upon leaving the room I turned around and looked at what I could only describe as a painting. A rather disturbed one at that. There it was, the hotel just as I left it. And yet everything was wrong. On all sides mountains of lava , hardened as if it had been there for ages. Yet I knew in my mind it couldn’t be so, so I continued to look around. Nothing was right, nothing made sense, and yet I continued to travel further into this nightmare. Before long I had come to my first obstacle. A pair of beasts so ugly, they made even the twins I knew back in my home town look like models. Still they fell just like any other, bullets doing to them what they usually did to any flesh. And even as I walked over their dead bodies, I knew I should turn around. get help. I was way over my head. Still I walked on. Things in this world chased my sanity from me, leaving me void of anything resembling normal. Yet I still continued on, coming upon things that had no place being there. Things that didn’t help my mental state .


Finally I came to an outcropping, I was more tired now then scared. Yet when I finally lifted my eyes to look over the valley….My brain just shut off. There is some things in this world you simply aren’t meant to see, and this was my limit. For a long time I stood and stared out into that valley. For a long time I simply gave up on everything, every thought. When I finally gained some semblance of control, I knew what I had to do. Momma never raised a fool , most certainly not a death wish. I turned and headed back, whence I came. My feet finally moving me with some urgency as I returned to the door that had led to all this. As I turned the knob hopeful this would end, I turned back one more time. I would be back. Nothing goes unexplained….

Stephen Zarovich is a consulting author for Tuppenny Dreadful.