“The Fog”

Initiate the pied piper melody

The Fog on Solomon Island is a strange and slightly hidden thing.  Some say it acts more as an evil entity than a weather anomaly. The fog’s first appearance on Solomon Island coincided with the Lady Margaret’s arrival, a ship who’s crew seemed as much haunted as any could be. The fog covered the island, causing the living to die, and those that died to live once again. Almost as if compelled by a hypnotist, these zombies walk towards the water. You will see this in Kingsmouth, Savage Coast and Blue Mountain. If you watch the walking patterns of those that are un-dead you will notice a few are glamoured or are aimlessly walking towards the oceans. At least the ones near the shorelines. In our previous article about Broodwitches, this is for a specific purpose. Reproduction.

There are those that survived the first wave of fog. The strong, the ones who wanted to live and fight back. They all have their own stories as to what happened. What they saw. Some say the fog can  only be held back, not defeated. Others hold out more hope, believing they can take back their island once and for all. They might be able to, but another wave of fog will take even more people if there isn’t a quick way to evacuate people. With radios and phones behaving strangely in those areas, this makes quick regrouping or evacuation a more problematic affair.

I went to interview a formal resident of an Asylum in Blue Mountain. Most would say interviewing someone with severe emotional and mental disorders would be folly, but I always think there’s some truth in what they say. We sat down, and talked a while in the hospital in Bennington Vermont, far away from the fog and troubles. He seemed uneasy, a bit shell-shocked as if the event had changed him in ways most people wouldn’t be able to handle. We chatted for a while, and then he said something that seemed eerie and poignant.

What of the fog? Some say it is a bio-chemical weapon, being tested by the government. Some say it is divine punishment for Kingsmouth’s many hidden sins. Some say it is an assault on Illuminati interests. A few individuals of the Wabanaki tribe say the fog is the tool of a hidden malevolence in Solomon County – a name their ancestors knew but they have forgotten. They claim hope lies in the Wabanaki warding circle that has protected the area for centuries, but they do not know what it protects. Did the circle hold back the fog? -Anon

He asked to have his name protected, as he suffered from paranoia quite frequently. We really don’t know a lot about this fog other than speculation. The one thing we do know is, the fog had an unprecedented way to destroy. People who survived were left with almost nothing, having to hold up in police stations or barricade homes, hoping zombies could not get in. Those that were lucky. Others were devoured by their own neighbors, the only sound in the town being sirens and the sickly sounds of bones being broken and flesh torn.

Even now, normal fog makes me do a double-take. London is filled with it in the mornings and late nights and I just get this uneasy feeling. If the fog can take over a whole island, how long before it comes for the rest of us?


Wynn Gwynn is an Illustrator, Editor and Writer of Tuppenny Dreadful, a media company in Darkside of Ealdwic London- Shades District.