Getting to a specific point in Darkside without going through the whole loop can be daunting for people new to London. This guide is to hopefully point out some main attractions, and how to get to them.


First Entrance To Darkside: Between The Barber and the Post Office

  1. Tuppenny Dreadful- If you go in the alley between Ockham’s Razor (the Barbershop) and the Post office off of the main street of Aethelburga Row and Antiqua Way, you will be taking Warlock Stairs down into the entrance of Darkside, otherwise known as The Shades. You will pass a small shop of a part time horrorist but right down the stairs you will see Tuppenny Dreadful. It is the only open storefront in the Shades (the small loop below the stairs).tuppenybanner
  2. New Model Army- Instead of taking the loop back to the barbershop, if you take the side path that goes down once again you will eventually come upon a weapons and munitions shop called New Model Army. newmodelarmy
  3. The Crusades- There are two easy ways of getting to this since it is kind of in the middle of both entrances to darkside. You can either keep following the road past New Model Army or make a hasty pass through the Haitian Market to get to the road it’s on. This is located on Toutsbridge Road, which you can either access through Ratcage Lane (past Tuppenny and New Model) or Coal Walk (Past the Haitian Market). The Crusades is a rock and metal style bar and club which caters to the youth and harder edged London folk. the-crusades

Second Entrance to Darkside: The Alley near Burnt Offerings and the Florist

  1. Annapurna- If you go down the stairs you will immediately see a supermarket called Annapurna. This is in the Pagan Hill district of Darkside. anapurna
  2. Ayiti- To the right of Anapurna is a cafe called Ayiti. This cafe serves Haitian food as well as coffee and a few other things that come in either spicy or not spicy. ayiti
  3. House of Chalk- To the right of Ayiti is House of Chalk. They sell herbs and oils as well as Voodoo spells (use at your own risk). All three of these establishments reside in Pagan Hill. houseofchalk
  4. Haitian Market District- If you hang a left down the stairs at the grocery market you will actually enter the Haitian Market District. It is full of food vendors, clothing vendors as well as Dante’s famous taco stand.hatian-market
  5. Pets Vs. Monsters and Fight Club- If you go straight through the Haitian market and take one of the two very narrow alleyways you will end up in the unnamed arena district which houses both the Pets Vs. Monster battles as well as an unofficial fight club warehouse off to the side. You can get to this from Toutsbridge road as well, it is just easier to find if you go straight through the Haitian market. petsvsmonsters2

You can get to any attraction from any entrance, these are just the closest ones to either the first or second and labeled as such. If you wish to take a scenic route, the view can be quite pretty at night, just bring a friend as it can get quite dangerous.



Wynn Gwynn is an Illustrator, Editor and Writer of Tuppenny Dreadful, a media company in Darkside of Ealdwic London- Shades District.