Atlantic Island Park was built in the early 70’s but even though it was of fairly recent construction it has always had a bit of a reputation. When Nathaniel Winter started building the park, even during the construction phases, accidents happened.  People would get crushed under machinery, equipment would malfunction, people would fall from tall heights and die among a myriad of other ways people could get injured.


The crew talked, as most crew do. They said the place whispered. The rides would talk to them at night. This did not dissuade Nathaniel Winter from completing the project and opening the park on schedule to the public. The whispers continued, as did the accidents.

Within a little while of the park being opened, one of the roller coaster cars derailed and killed an entire family who were visiting the park for a day of fun. Murderers also were commonplace on the park grounds. A small child was missing all of their appendages and was found behind one of the concession stands. To teenagers were stabbed in their eyes by a crazed park worker in his mascot uniform. Police investigated these crimes but were unable to come up with any suspects.

The park was forced to shut down in 1980. Nathaniel Winter stayed on with the park while his family moved to Boston. But the story, does not end there.

The park is now home to ghosts, unnatural beings, revenants, rides that go haywire, poltergeists and even golems. Did Nathaniel build this park ultimately for them? His son when interviewed said that his father never made a bad investment. Was he pulled by the call of the land to do this? Create a home for these creatures. Allow the rides to give a voice to those which had none?  They continue to whisper, the rides. If you go in the park during night hours you can hear them.


Reckless teenagers still take bets to go in the park, ride the rides as invisible beings power them up and make them run. There will still be accidents. Trespassers will be found dead sometimes, probably due to a dare friends asked them to do. The park is not safe unless you take precautions. Rumors that a Bogeyman runs the place run rampant. The Bogeyman. Something not to take lightly. If there is indeed a Bogeyman running this park, it is not just a simple haunting but a malicious one.

The rides and decorations might seem fun and happy but the truth is a veil hangs over this park, distorting our reality. The park itself is an entity that wants us to stay, wants us to die. Yes, you can ride the rides if you know what you are doing, but you’d have to be 100% sure that you knew how to handle these spooks lest you end up like the other victims the park has claimed. Nathaniel Winter may be dead but his park lives on. You might even see him there on a clear night, inspecting his work.



Wynn Gwynn is an Illustrator, Editor and Writer of Tuppenny Dreadful, a media company in Darkside of Ealdwic London- Shades District.