Most of us know a basic history of how Halloween came to be. The rituals we know today are based on old Celtic traditions of lighting bonfires and wearing costumes to ward off ghosts during the celebration of Samhain. The new year started November 1st, and people tended to pay tribute to the cusp between fall and winter.

People believed this time between winter and fall was where the line between our world and the spirit world became more hazy, or easily passed through. Predictions became easier to see, premonitions, fortune telling…all these things were easier when the veil was thin.

During this time of year, if you believe in the ways of old, visit your fortune tellers. Go dress in costumes to keep spirits at bay. Drink cider. Celebrate the changing of the seasons. Carve a pumpkin (or turnip if you want to be that super authentic person). Enjoy what Halloween was, and has become over the years.




Wynn Gwynn is an Illustrator, Editor and Writer of Tuppenny Dreadful, a media company in Darkside of Ealdwic London- Shades District.