No Reservations Needed

A small little corner shop in Seoul has recently become the darling of the culinary cognoscenti. The new urban offering from a group of restaurateurs who have had no small measure of success in New York with several Asian fusion eateries is intentionally low profile but easy to find near the Kumiho. Open at odd hours and serving a diverse clientele, Red Lotus Wine is quickly becoming famous for its offerings of soju cocktails and Korean tapas like Ojinguh Tweegim (crispy calamari) and pulled duck buns. Head in the front near the open air stand one of these nights and get ready to be wowed. Senior mixologist David Song shared the recipe for their most requested cocktail: the apple soju martini. Mix equal parts soju, seltzer and apple juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Strain the cocktail into martini glasses and garnish with apple slice. Enjoy!