Recently more and more lady-demons are sporting a shirtless look, joining in with the Free The Nipple movement.  When questioned about their interest in the movement, they had many opinions on the topic.

Male demons have their tits out all the time here.  I don’t see why I can’t.” -Seductrella


“It’s hot as a bull’s testicle’s down here.  Why should I have to wear an extra layer when the Machine Tyrants have their tackle hanging out?” -Envia


“When looking close up at a male demon-nip and a female demon-nip it’s really hard to tell the difference.  I don’t see the big deal.”  -Wrathia



Wynn Gwynn is an Illustrator, Editor and Writer of Tuppenny Dreadful, a media company in Darkside of Ealdwic London- Shades District.